Tip of the Week #1

“Clean your bike as soon as you get home”

How ?  Leave a hose out and use a hand brush ready to do the job.  Do not use a power hose as you may wash out the grase from bearings.

Why?  It is easy to clean if you do it while wet.  Leave it to dry and it will take a lot longer.  Cleaning the grit off the wheels will mean the brake pads will not wear as fast and result in better braking performance.

Tip of the week #2


Use “Winter Tyres”.  For example Continental Gator skins or Vittoria rubino pro

They are heavier and they have better puncture protection.  If you have not changed your tyres in approximately 18 months do so.   As an absolute minimum change the back one.

Why change them? 

1. You will get less punctures and thus use less inner tubes.

2. It will result in better bike handling and overall better safety.

To increase the puncture protection of a new tyre install in advance of using on an old wheel and blow up to full pressure.  This hardens up the rubber compound and results in better puncture protection. 

Tip of the week #3

Always head out into a strong headwind.

Why?  If you don’t you’ll think you’re indestructible and cycle for miles and then….  You guessed it! You will have to turn back and fight your way home through that wind.  Been there worn the T-shirt, it is psychological as much as physical.  Basically you get the hard bit over first and then you have a good memory of the last spin as it seemed easy at the finish.  Therefore you are more likely to go out for a spin sooner and enjoy your cycling more.

If your not sure or wind direction look at the forecast or and search where you live.

Tip of the week #4

Use the small chain ring for the winter”

Why ?

Spinning a small gear helps to improve your technique or economy.  Two things that make you go fasters are:

1. Power from your legs.

2. Leg speed or how fast you can move the pedals.

So to work on your overall speed and stay with that group in a sportive you need to work on your techniques as well as the general training.

Tip of the week #5

No half wheeling  when cycling in a group

This is a cardinal sin in group riding and one of the things most frowned upon in group riding.  Half wheeling your riding partner is like saying, “your rubbish and I’m putting my front wheel ahead of yours to remind you of that”…


What is Half wheeling? 

When you ride half a wheel or more ahead of the person you are
cycling with.  The rider beside you speeds up to ride beside you and you speed up remaining a half wheel ahead.

If this “game” continues it will a) break up the rhythm of the group, b) everyone one else will also be a half wheel ahead of their partener through no fault of their own and c) it will most likely result in the group splitting up as the speed increases with one rider trying to outdo the other.  


Tip of the week #6

When the weather is very windy, head out to an area with some high hedges that will shelter you from the worst of the wind.  

Avoid open roads like the N3 and the old N3 you may be blown off you bike. Be wary when you approach an open gateway and lean into the wind by shifting your weight on the bike.

If you are in a group and are lighter than the rest try to get some shelter from a larger rider.  The heaver rider has more stability on the bike and is less likely to be blown off course and they make for a good wind block!



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